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Introduction to Low Back Pain

? Low back pain is very common among adults and is often caused by overuse and muscle strain or injury. Treatment can help you stay as active as possible Wholesale Delanie Walker Jersey , and it will help you understand that some continued or repeated back pain is not surprising or dangerous.

? Most low back pain can get better if you stay active, avoid positions and activities that may increase or cause back pain, use ice, and take nonprescription pain relievers when you need them.

Causes of Low Back Pain

Pressure on nerve roots in the spinal canal. Nerve root compression can be caused by:
? A herniated dics often brought on by repeated vibration or motion (as during machine use or sport activity, or when lifting improperly), or by a sudden heavy strain or increased pressure to the lower back..

Nerve irritation

The nerves of the lumbar spine can be irritated by mechanical impingement or disease any where along their paths?from their roots at the spinal cord to the skin surface. These conditions include lumbar disc disease (radiculopathy), bony encroachment, and inflammation of the nerves caused by a viral infection (shingles)

Lumbar strain (acute, chronic)

A lumbar strain is a stretching injury to the ligaments, tendons, andor muscles of the low back. The stretching incident results in microscopic tears of varying degrees in these tissues. Lumbar strain is considered one of the most common causes of low back pain. The injury can occur because of overuse, improper use, or trauma. Soft-tissue injury is commonly classified as "acute" if it has been present for days to weeks. If the strain lasts longer than three months, it is referred to as "chronic."

Types of Low Back Pain

Local pain occurs in a specific area of the lower back. It is usually due to sprains and strains. Sudden pain may be felt when the injury occurs. Local pain can often be relieved by changes in position or by light activity followed by stretching. Intense physical activity or inactivity tends to make it worse. Local pain may be constant and aching or, at times, can be intermittent and sharp. The lower back may be sore when touched. Muscle spasms may develop because the body moves in unusual ways as it tries to avoid the movements that trigger pain.

Pain due to compression of a spinal nerve root may be due to such disorders as a herniated disk, osteoarthritis Wholesale DeMarco Murray Jersey , osteoporosis, spinal stenosis, or Paget's disease. The pain often occurs within minutes or hours of lifting a very heavy weight, but it may occur spontaneously.

Self-care tips
In many cases, you can prevent low back pain by maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking, following a doctor-approved exercise program, having good posture, and knowing the proper way to lift and move heavy objects.

Exercises To Reduce Back Pain

Lie on your back with both legs straight. Bring one knee up to your chest, pressing the small of your back into the floor (pelvic tilt). Hold for five seconds and repeat five times.

Back stretch
Lie on your stomach. Use your arms to push your upper body off the floor. Hold for five seconds. Let your back relax and sag.

Hand Knee Rocking

Take your upper body over so you are in a crouched position with your arms stretched out in front of you. Relax in this position and then slowly move forward with your elbows straight into a press-up position.
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