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run in opposite directions

In that age of kb, Sa Xin Pai once making sure to assassinate a target, the meeting write a letter first to the other party.Is still more polite in speaking in the letter, hope that the other party can automatically offer up gold and silver to act as ransom, then can live a life.If the ransom that receives the other party, Sa Xin, a Chinese family name parties will pass this target.But once exceeding to stipulate that time didn't receive ransom, they would carry out to assassinate.
    Sa Xin Pai is the first group that will assassinate a method to evolve an art in history, have to strongly assassinate technique.No matter be assassinated to adopt what method defense, arriving endses will be assassinated success by them.Numerous people in history don't believe the Sa send luckily of threat, the result dies unnatural death on the second day, this even includes quite a few among them the king of the nation.These people die and also cast into the prestige of He He of Sa Xin, a Chinese family name parties.
    The history is jotting down, the base of Sa Xin, a Chinese family name parties is located in the Dian of a snow mountain of Middle East, their leader as long as inheritting an of leader, will change own name into Huo mountain, in the nickname mountain old man.This mysterious organization continues long for several a hundred years and participated in numerous history progress, it may be said is a history manufacturing.
    Because their prestige of He He, connect concerning the English assassin for assassinating be because this group get.Even in the China novel about swordsmen master whole kidseses' novel in all appeared concerning Sa Xin, a Chinese family name parties of depiction, and don't already worship to him.And rice game manufacturer of country also according to the biography of Sa Xin, a Chinese family name parties, exclusively created a style of game your work, that is famous assassin's creed, wholesale Plantation shutters afterwards this game still is reorganized into movie to be shown, obtained a quite good receipt of a film.Be showed from this Sa Xin, a Chinese family name parties of influence have much big, calculate up to gain considerable fame world.
    Is just historical Sa Xin, a Chinese family name send by several a hundred years already drive west advertise for of Mongolia the battalion thoroughly destroy completely, didn't see them for these several a hundred years recently of the person appear, so everyone thinks that they have already disappeared in the history to grow river in.But don't think that they are all evil in China after several a hundred years the time again appeared, and still sought up the Yan fly, kidnap six Ping pings and demanded the USD 3,000,000,000 ransom from him.
    The Yan flies a bit shocked that this historical famous assassin's organization will seek he or she, this and he before of reason logically completely run in opposite directions, the person whom he before doubts incredibly with kidnap six affairses of Ping Ping to have no relation.If this Sa Xin Pai is really historical that assassinates built-up of words, so they isn't other any individuals and organization to direct move of, also can't with dark net in the underground world of hang to appreciate to notify relevant, they deal with their they this time, should just purely hurtle own money come of, this is from their openings will the USD 3,000,000,000 ransom can see.Is legendary in the history, as long as the party concerned paid ransom, Sa Xin, a Chinese family name parties will pass this target.But every want to resist of, all at last die to have no whole corpseses, pathetic and matchless.
    The Yan flies of reduce weight although the biscuit hasn't got into an international market, only China market's making him earn a full Bo Be getting fuller, so Sa's flying on Yan of Xin Pai Ding is also a very normal affair.The Yan flies although the real strenght is strong, and the unmanned machine is divided time hand, at face this to have a history manufacturing of call of Sa Xin, a Chinese family name send of time, still keep having some bottom spirit shortage.
    See the Yan fly to take letter paper to start to be stunned, the Wei of flank was super and then once connected Yan to fly the letter paper in the hand, be he after seeing the contents of clear letter paper immediately got a fright and hurriedly walked to part, start making a phone call upward noodles to make collective report this latest circumstance.
    Lead very a burst of, the Yan flies just respond to come over from shocked, he looking at that female secretary and asks a way:"How many cashes does the company bank account up still have now?"
    That female secretary is the full-time secretary of six Ping pings, help six the Ping Ping processing company business, to each data of company also very clear, hurriedly say:"The owner closes till last night, there are still on the company Zhang funds 1,500,000,000.To, these 1,500,000,000 is all rmbs.wooden shutters blinds

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